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Shalom Torah Academy unites ALL Jews of ALL backgrounds from ALL walks of life within the ALL-encompassing light and warmth of Torah education, coupled with a robust general studies program. That’s what Shalom is ALL about! For almost half a century, Shalom Torah Academy has elevated, inspired, and educated thousands of precious neshamos and their families, changing the face of the Jewish communities of Central New Jersey.

shALLom OF US!

The onus is upon ALL of us to raise each ONE. As our holy sages teach, the Jewish people are shALLom FOR ONE, ONE FOR shALLom. Without Shalom, and without your partnership, too many Jewish children would not have a soulful educational home. Shalom requires broad support to continue educating our future.

shALLom IN!

Shalom needs YOU! Shalom needs ALL! Our fellow Jewish children need YOU to be shALLom FOR ONE, ONE FOR shALLom!

Thanks to our generous matchers, every dollar you give will be Doubled 2x.

After you give with an open hand and generous heart, please share this message with ALL of your contacts, ALL of your friends, ALL of your family. Your partnership will surely result in overflowing blessings, now and for ALL time !