Helpless, Lost and Totally Alone in My Struggles-How This Teen Was Helped By Tov Li Foundation

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Tov-Li Foundation is a registered Not for Profit Organization geared to helping Jewish Young Adults Struggling with mental health issues and/or substance abuse issues providing them with a safe space and helping hand to reach their goals and true potential.

Our services provide one on one life coaching and social activities including events such as music therapy And spiritual guidance. Our goal is to build self-esteem and help each individual grow and ascend in their Yiddishkeit.

We are currently working with a Young man who when we first met him he said  “don’t even bother trying to help me I’m worthless and helpless and totally lost and alone in my struggles“ He was and still is dealing with a very serious mental health diagnosis and as well as being addicted to alcohol.

Baruch Hashem, we were able to according to him we were able to “change his life around 360 degrees“ and Baruch Hashem his emotional and mental health has increased tremendously and his Yiddishkeit has ascended to his highest level yet. He has a job currently he is flourishing in life in general. Unfortunately, he and his family’s financial situation is extremely difficult as he is a child of an older single mother who is currently unemployed for over a year now and she need help to cover rent and basic living expenses plus a lot of medical expenses.

Please try to support us as much as you can. Unfortunately, this special young man is not the only one who is going through these kinds of struggles and there aren’t so many resources available to provide the care and guidance that we are doing. If you or a loved or anybody else you might know can use our help, please send them our way our email is [email protected] Please Donate Generously. Thank you very much. It is very much appreciated. Tax-deductible receipts are available upon request.