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When You Say It’s ‘Only’ People With Health Issues, This Is Who You’re Talking About

With the world’s conversations and headlines monopolized by the coronavirus, some may forget that there are others suffering from illness around the world. These individuals are under more pressure than ever: With a growing number of unemployed, being more susceptible to severe cases of the virus, and with elective surgeries postponed, many members of klal yisroel are now fighting for their lives.

One particularly moving case is that of 4-year-old Menachem Blau. Menachem is a tiny, smiley boy with piercing blue eyes and blond curly peyos. Despite his young age, he has had 26 life-saving surgeries. That’s because Menachem was born with a rare condition, which causes cysts to grow on his throat. As the cyst grows larger, it diminishes his ability to breathe. In a moving video of his mother Miri, she explains that when he becomes lethargic, they know that it is time for the next surgery.

And so, the Blaus have been able to save their little boy time and time again. Unfortunately, however, the only procedure available where they live is temporary. Israeli doctors are only able to remove part of the cyst, as opposed to taking it out completely. They have advised Menachem’s mother to fly him out of the country as soon as possible, as doctors abroad will be able to give him the complete surgery to save his life.

The Blaus are a ‘normal’ family with 7 children, and could never dream of affording the trip, or the surgery. They are praying that now, while the world is reassessing its priorities and reaching out to help their fellow Jew, other members of klal yisroel will join together to help save their little boy’s life. As of now, it’s Menachem’s only hope.



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  1. This is but one out of what are laider /countless/ examples that could be cited of individuals whose lives will be endangered, H’ yishmoreinu, by the overwhelming of the medical system by the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. The degree of denial and/or ignorance necessary to still, in the face of the reality before them that grows ever more grim by the hour, insist that this is nothing worse than a bad flu season is simply appalling. (This may very well be a lot like a bad flu, a very bad flu, like the 1918 Spanish one…). Such a tenuous grip on reality, it has become quite clear by this point, is on par with such lunacy as “9-11 Truth”, “Moon landing was faked” and even Holocaust denial. With the critical difference that denying the severity of the present pandemic and downplaying the need to take all prudent precautions is a lot more dangerous than denying the reality of any historic event.

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