KavodAcharon.Com : A New Website Giving Victims Of COVID-19 The Kavod They Deserve


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In addition to the terrible loss of life in Klal Yisrael due to the Coronavirus, the families of those affected by this magefa have also suffered the additional pain of the inability to reach the level of kavod acharon befitting those they lost: the absence of hespedim, hurried funerals, and the inability to hear words of nechama from visitors during shiva. 

These are layers of unbearable pain upon pain.

We created KavodAcharon.com so that the friends and families of the niftarim can post personal stories, recollections and words of nechama. In this way, the niftarim will receive the kavod acharon they deserved but were denied due to the terrible situation, and the families will be able to read the divrei chizuk and words of comfort we could not offer in person.

We encourage everyone to post memories of and tributes to the people they knew. We are certain this will be a great source of much-needed nechama. KavodAcharon is waiting for your words to help them heal.


Umacha Hashem dimah meal kol panim.