Dovid Berg, Husband And Father Of Six Dies Suddenly

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Dovid Berg exemplified the quality of serving hashem and others in the manner of b’hatzneah leches. He did tremendous acts of chesed, even for people he didn’t know, quietly and purely. He never looked for any notice and did whatever was needed without fanfare. An example of the way he cared for and thought about other yidden were his missions to make shidduchim and to find people jobs, even at times when he was himself seeking a job!

Seemingly what motivated him was his unique ability to see the good in everyone. He was soft spoken and interested in the needs of everyone else, he thus got along with all. He genuinely loved every other yid no matter the stripe or type.

Dovid was the reliable shul member who cared deeply about the kovod Bais Haknesses, always taking care and cleaning and doing the jobs nobody else wanted to do. And he did it happily and with a smile! He was particularly concerned with baal tashchis and would make sure that no food was thrown away and would set any extra food aside for yeshivos and needy families.

R’ Dovid went through a kidney transplant and through his yissurim he would not complain, was always happy and positive. He had a musical neshama, playing multiple instruments and composing songs, and even this was something he did privately without notice.

He leaves a beautiful family of 6 children. Let us join together and care for the yid who spent his very special life caring for others.


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