Reb Refoel Nussbaum Niftar From Corona Virus

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Reb Refoel Nussbaum zt”l, Rafi as he was known to his family, was ripped away from us suddenly this week by the terrible Corona disease. A beloved Mashgiach and Maggid Shiur at Yeshiva Ateres Hatorah in Yerushalayim and Yeshiva Medrash Yechiel in Beitar, was known by his past and present talmidim, to be someone who cared for and understood every individual. His tragic petira has left his family, talmidim and friends in great shock.

Despite his immense modesty, his neighbors and friends from the Sorotzkin neighborhood where he lived for the past 40 years, were all aware that he was an outstanding Talmid Chochom, a Yarei Shomayim with an angelic persona and exemplary middos. His Gemilas Chessed and Hachnosas Orchim was experienced by the many bochurim and girls that came to learn from abroad, he had an open house for them and rarely there was a Shabbos without a guest by the table.


Can we leave this beautiful family to fall apart due to financial stress? Is there a way that we can give this chosheve almanah the backing needed to cope with this tremendous loss? The family needs support to continue and to marry off their last daughter.

Who is going to help sustain his wife? Who will marry off his last child? An almonah and yesoma need YOUR help, NOW!

The suffering of this almonah and her family tugs at all our hearts and your generous support will surely help them continue to manage as a loving family. Please open your hearts and make the donation so desperately needed for this wonderful family to survive.