Baruch Dayan Ha’Emes: Henya Cohen, 49

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Mrs. Henya Cohen, 49, passed away last week. She left behind a widower and two daughters, who are now left to make sense of 10 years of suffering, and begin steps toward the future. A heartfelt letter on Henya’s memorial page reads as follows:

“Hi, I’m Rachel Cohen.

For my entire life, my amazing mother took care of me & the rest of my family. And for her last three years on this earth, I had the zechus to be able to take care of her. She passed away from cancer last week.

My mom was sick for 10 years and through much of that she managed to keep her business afloat and to fight bravely. In the last few years she got much sicker and needed someone with her all the time to help. That was how I spent my time with her. It was painful to see her suffer from the sickness and medications, but I am so grateful for our time together.

Now she is no longer suffering.

Now that this parsha which occupied so much of our lives has come to a close, we are left with a question of how to move forward. I am a certified speech therapist but have been unable to work because my mom was my first priority. My sister just finished seminary. My father is totally devastated – In losing my mother, he has lost everything. Now we are figuring out how to get to work and are broke in the meantime.

I am opening this fund with the hope that someone will see what we have been through, how for 10 years our lives have been upside down and now here we are with nothing. If you can donate it would help us to cover our basic bills while we arrange our work situations, and to help set up our father for his future. Right now we are going on nothing.

Thank you.


Rachel is clearly a very special young woman. Those who are able to help her and her family get on their feet again after fighting for survival for so long are urged to do so here.