Live Now: Star-studded Concert and Hatzalah-Thon Campaign.

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It’s time. The band is jamming, the music streaming, the sites are live, the phones are open. For the next 24 hours you can make a thundering statement of gratitude to your local Hatzalah volunteers who have sacrificed themselves these past months for the sake of the entire Jewish people.

Click here to join the live event!

Go to or call (855) 910-0232 to join the concert and give today your community heroes.

The schedule of performances for this evenings’ live-stream:

Monday Night, May 11

8:30PM – Lag B’Omer Celebration with Shmueli Ungar

9:30PM – An Inspirational Journey with Avraham Fried

10:30PM – Chazan Yitzchak Meir Helfgot

11:00PM – Kumzitz with Boruch Levine and Rabbi Jacobson

The following is a list (alphabetical order) of all participating Hatzalahs:

Baltimore, Boro Park, Catskills, Chicago, Crown Heights, Dallas, Detroit, Flatbush, Houston, Hudson County, Hatzolah Air, Jersey Shore, Kiryas Tosh, Lakewood, Los Angeles, Lower East Side, Middlesex County, Mill Basin/Canarsie, Monroe/Kiryas Yoel, Monsey, Montreal, New Square, Passaic/Clifton, Philadelphia, Queens, Riverdale, Rockaways/Nassau County, Seagate, South Florida, Staten Island, Toronto, Upper East Side, Waterbury, Washington Heights, West Side, Williamsburg.


Avraham Fried. Mordechai Shapiro. Benny Friedman. Lipa Schmeltzer. Shmueli Ungar. Chazon Meir Helfgot. Gad Elbaz. Shulem Lemmer. 8th Day Band. Baruch Levine. Eli Marcus. Uncle Moishy. Boruch Sholom Blesofsky. Mitzvah Boulevard. Freilach Orchestra. Shira Choir.

Hosted by:

Sam Stern. Yoely Lebovitz. Modi Rosenfeld. Rabbi Simon Jacobson. Chony Milecki

Click here to join the live event!