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Hope is an extraordinary organization dedicated to assisting families that fall into financial stress due to a crisis.


Founded by Eli Goldring, who is assisted by Hope administrator Yehudah Susskind, this organization seeks to restore hope where there is none. Whether the crisis is a parent or child stricken with serious illness, therapies that are cost-prohibitive for a normal income family, or tragic petiros that have left families burdened with the costs of a funeral and burial, Hope steps in and says,


“We are here to help.”


Hope provides urgently needed assistance for a short period of time to provide some relief to the family and help them get back on their feet.


Helping out families in financial crisis is always a special act of chesed but doing so in these turbulent times is particularly relevant. And if you can help yourself at the same time, then it’s truly a unique win-win.


Welcome to Lose for Hope, where you can simultaneously improve your physical health and the financial health of someone else. H.O.P.E. (Helping Out People Every Day) is a non-profit organization providing urgently needed short-term financial assistance for families facing an un-expected emergency. They have teamed up with internationally recognized Nutritionist Eli Glaser and the Soveya Weight-Loss Solution to launch a first-of-its kind weight loss campaign.

Instead of the usual competition where participants are challenged to aggressively lose as much weight as possible to win the singular grand prize, the Lose for Hope initiative allows each person to establish a healthy and responsible personalized weight-loss goal within the 10-week framework of the campaign. Every participant will receive a free, personal consultation with Eli Glaser to determine their ideal goal along with a customized 10 week food plan and robust support material including e-versions of his new critically-acclaimed book, Enough is Enough as well as Soveya’s highly popular cookbook, No Sugar, No Flour, No Fuss.

Everyone who meets their individual weight-loss goal at the end of the 10 weeks will be entered into a raffle giveaway that will distribute the prize money amongst multiple, randomly-selected contestants. There will also be several personal trainers available to support the participants in helping them maximize their success. This program is for men and women from the safety of your quarantined home.

The raffle giveaway at the end of the campaign will have:

5 Winners ($1000 each minimum) as more join so will the prize…..

In order to join the campaign you will commit to raising a certain amount of money that will go to benefit the Hope Organization.

There are 4 tiers of raising funds:

We will be creating a platform for you to raise the funds on.

1- Silver: $720 2- Gold: $1,800 3- Platinum: $3,600 4- Diamond: $5,400

Commit to raise $1,800 or more and receive an added benefit of having unlimited email communication with Eli Glaser throughout the 10 week program.

Click here to register


The 10 week program will begin June 14th.


With any questions contact Campaign Director:

Yehuda Susskind: 908-783-9426