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The well established and central Kollel of Kiryat Sefer, Beth Aba Institutions led by Rabbi Freund, took the initiative last week immediately after the Ministry of Health gave authorization to open Shuls and Beis Midrashim for up to fifteen people. Rabbi Freund did not wait for an unnecessary minute and immediately invited an architect and a company to design the ten vestibules, each with a separate entrance. The Beis Midrash which is 500 meters was divided into ten vestibules, before entering each Avrech was required to affirm on a form for the Ministry of Health that he was not sick and had no signs of illness. All Avrechim wear a mask and learn two meters apart. At the entrance to the Beis Midrash were placed dozens of bottles of hand sanitizer, in addition, the Kollel appointed Corona inspectors to oversee all instructions were being followed to the letter of the law .

It is impossible to describe the joy of the Avrechim upon their return to learning! Although not everyone was fortunate to return to the Kollel, for now, according to the instructions of the Ministry of Health, only one hundred and eighty of the three hundred and eighty Avrechim could return to the Beis Midrash. However, as Rabbi Freund mentioned in his opening speech, the Corona decree taught us that we should rejoice at any progress and every improvement that Hashem bestows upon us, nothing should be taken for granted.  Rabbi Freund mentioned that they are dedicating the first five minutes of seder to say Tehillim on all those who are sick.  You can send names to the following email:  [email protected] and Rabbi Freund will be mentioning those names after Tehillim.