Best Free Creative Writing Courses on the Internet

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Top Free Creative Online Writing Courses 

Writing is one of the most necessary skills when studying at college or university. The fact is that students are required to write dozens of essays and other types of academic papers during the process of learning. This makes crowds of students wonder “Who can write me an essay?” and “What are the top essay websites to make my assignments?” Lots of young learners prefer exploring speedy paper reviews and other popular essay writing reviews to choose the most fitting platform to fit their requirements. This is a great way to get your papers done in no time. However, in case you want to improve your writing skills, it might be a good idea to complete some online writing courses. Here is a list of options available for all students for free. 

Open University Courses 

Open University is one of the leading services with a whopping number of free courses for any taste and need, all accessible for free. Essay and Report Writing Skills is considered to be one of the most popular courses for young learners. The course is developed to help you understand the main goals of various types of academic papers, learn the basic structure, and important features of an essay. It will help you identify your writing strengths and weaknesses, as well as turn your weak points into your strong ones. It is a 15-hours study, so get ready to dedicate at least one hour per day for learning to complete it in about two weeks. In case you pass all the tasks, you will get an honorable statement of participation on completion. 

The service has lots of other courses developed for beginner writers. For example, you can also join Creative Writing and Critical Reading or Start Writing Fiction courses. 

Purdue University Courses 

Purdue Online Writing Lab is an excellent solution to learn the writing basics. Here you will find tons of useful information on how to create excellent academic papers from scratch. Discover the best hints on how to improve your writing process, learn the most important facts about academic writing, and dive into the world of the rules of composing common writing assignments. All the tips and hints are available for free on a single web page. There is no need to download any materials, so you can start learning anytime. 

Yale Courses

One of the world-leading universities also offers writing courses. Although these courses are not focused on academic writing, they might still be useful for elevating your writing skills to a higher level. Modern Poetry course will help you to learn the main trends in the area, as well as gain exceptional skills in writing poems and other types of writing. The course materials are available to download directly from the university’s official website. 

You can also find lots of other writing courses online. Feel free to choose the best ones according to your needs. Anyway, the best advice to become a professional writer is to write a lot. The practice is always your keys to success.