Save life of autistic child with seizure disorder

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My oldest son Usher is 14 years old. Usher has autism and was diagnosed with a seizure disorder when he was six months old. Usher’s seizures cause him to regress in many areas, including behaviorally and academically. His seizures are triggered by hot weather and worsen over the summer due to the heat. For the last seven years Usher attended Camp HASC, an overnight camp for children with disabilities. Unfortunately due to the coronavirus pandemic Camp HASC will not be opening this summer.

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Usher has been home for the last 3 months. This has been very hard for him as he thrives on routine and structure. Usher has difficulty expressing how he feels verbally and therefore expresses his frustrations through meltdowns and tantrums. He has been breaking things and biting himself, unable to calm himself down.

We live in a small two bedroom apartment in Brooklyn. When we take walks in our neighborhood with Usher it’s unsafe because he runs in the street. The parks are closed and Usher needs more space to run around and let out his energy.

We desperately need a break from the city and hope to rent a house upstate for the summer. This will reduce the frequency of Usher’s seizures because the weather will be cooler than in the city. Usher will have the space he needs and will be calmer and happier.

Due to Usher’s conditions he needs to be supervised at all times. He also needs various therapies to increase his independence and ensure his progress. With your help we can get Usher the help he needs and give him an enjoyable and happy summer. Thank you for your support.

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