Presenting: The Cardo at Schneller- Jerusalem Estates Unveils an Exclusive, Elegant Shopping Promenade

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Jerusalem Estates is once again turning heads, this time with the opening of The Cardo – an elegant shopping promenade exclusive to the development. No ordinary shopping center, The Cardo is an expression of the extraordinary living apparent throughout Jerusalem Estates. Here, as in the other divisions of the project, architects Yehuda Feigin and sons masterminded the transcendental design in consonance with the historical concept and artistry of the complex.

This conveniently located promenade hearkens back to Old Jerusalem, drawing inspiration from the Cardo, an ancient marketplace at its heart. The shops are located on the lower level of the project, with a separate entrance from Rechov Malchei Yisrael, and a wide, private parking lot for shoppers. This allows the convenience of easy shopping access without disturbing the quiet serenity of the complex. 

A number of shops, boutiques and popular chain stores have already joined the Cardo. Jerusalem Estates is in contact with a lineup of similar businesses who wish to join this prestigious locale. All businesses and shops were carefully selected to create a solid group that will serve the residents of Jerusalem Estates, as well as city residents and visitors.

With the anticipated occupation of apartments in Phase 1, the shops will open and complete the experience of vibrant Jewish life in the Eternal City. If you would like the rewarding experience of acquiring everlasting history, contact our sales office at  718-564-6656, or visit