Eiruvin Starts Today! Join R’ Eli and the largest Daf Yomi Shiur in the world.

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Eiruvin Daf Yomi starts today! and the best time to start Daf Yomi is RIGHT NOW!. Join world renown R’ Eli Stefansky and over 3,000 people around the world by participating in the most unique Daf Yomi shiur around. You can join through YouTube, Zoom (full schedule below) , Whatsapp and more. 

Ask any one of the participants and you will learn how everyone in this shiur feels part of a large family with a unique camaraderie. Every shiur begins with R’ Eli sharing stories of the “Daf Family” around the world and then enjoy the Daf with R’ Eli’s crystal-clear way of teaching. 

To Watch Maseches Eiruvin Daf 2  – CLICK HERE

To sign up to receive the full shiur via Whatsapp CLICK HERE

To watch and join the shiur LIVE VIA ZOOM (twice daily) CLICK HERE

Live Zoom Sche

7:15am & 9:15pm Israel time

5:15am & 7:15pm UK time

12:15am & 2:15pm NY time

11:15pm & 1:15pm IL time

10:15pm & 12:15pm CO time

9:15pm & 11:15am CA time

Here is today’s full shiur

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