Desperate Plea: I Am A Single Mother That Needs To Pay My Childrens Tuition!

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A mother in Brooklyn is in desperate need of help to cover school tuition for her children.

As a single mom, Raizy has difficulty covering many of her bills but she realizes that many people are in dire financial straits and the need is great. As such, she has decided to limit this fundraiser to tuition alone.

Any funds raised beyond that, if any, will be used for daily living expenses, such as utility bills.

Raizy struggles on a daily basis between parenting responsibilities and work. Her children are her priority and she does not engage in recreational activities such as going to restaurants with her friends, in order to save money and live responsibly.

One of the children has special needs, and care of this sweet child requires a lot of emotional and physical energy on Raizy’s part, with little room left for anything else. Still, Raizy is not bitter about her circumstances, she is thankful to Hashem for her beautiful children but practical about her current needs.

Raizy was forced to abandon the family home after enduring years of aggressive and brutal behavior exhibited by her ex-husband. She had to constantly shield herself and her children and suffer in silence as the people around her sang his praises, oblivious as to what was really happening in their home.

After a long and difficult period of adjustment, Raizy was able to settle the children in a cozy and safe apartment and rebuild her life as much as possible, while also navigating the many tantrums, school problems and therapies of her special needs child. It’s not easy, but she’s glad to be away from the danger which was both physical and emotional.

The father of the child has a long history of neglecting his well-being and that of his offspring, he is not in the picture by his own choice and does not support his children in any way. The legal systems are slow-moving, especially during this Covid-19 pandemic, meanwhile, a school deserves what it is rightfully owed.

Tizku Le’Mitzvos, may Hashem repay you in kind.