They Left A Cult And Desperately Need Your Help To Survive!

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A father who escaped from the cult with 5 young children, the youngest just a couple of months old desperately needs your help. The mother who refused to leave, only showed up to challenge him in an expensive and tough custody battle that forced him to borrow money and sink further into debt. He now faces the daunting task of raising them alone while trying to make parnassa and starting a business with no funds. Please open your hearts and contribute generously to give these children a chance at having a good life, with the proper care they need, rent, food, education, clothing, house cleaning and nanny care etc. And help their father get on his feet so he can provide for them-that would be ideal!

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By providing them with the basics we can help them have a normal life and promising future, how wonderful would that be, bezras Hashem! If we save one life, it’s as if we save a world, imagine how much more so a family of 5 wonderful children?

May Hashem bless you with the bracha of, if you care for mine I will care for yours. A kesiva vachasima Tova, a sweet healthy new year to all of klal yisroel!

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