Must-See Video for Shabbos Bereishis

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Brias HaOlam is one of the most mysterious and complicated events in the history of the world. Every tree, fruit, animal and human has complex details that make it exactly suited for its purpose. When you read Parshas Bereishis, you can’t help but be awed by the creation of all the elements that we need for life here on the planet, but the Torah doesn’t go into depth of what each element contains and how it works.

It’s our job to look at the world around us and be reminded of the greatness of Hashem. Every detail of creation is another sign of Hashem’s presence. It’s easy to get used to it and take it for granted, but it’s better to focus on the wonder of Hashem’s creation – mah rabu maasecha Hashem.

This week of Bereishis is the perfect time to watch the Torah Live video Wisdom in Creation, sponsored by Jim & Jill Kapenstein of Los Angeles, in honor of their parents, Steven and Susan Caller and Betty Myers and Ira Kapenstein zt”l. In this video, Rabbi Siddur (played by Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky) shows you how you can connect with the source of creation through looking at seeds, homing pigeons and the rest of nature. You’ll learn how to appreciate the smallest details as well as look at the big picture.

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Click here to watch Wisdom in Creation and to make a donation.