Online Keyboard Lessons: Learn to Play by ear and play like a pro!

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Did you ever think you or your child can play keyboard … and play really well? Shmuel Bassman, of Bassline Pro, has been teaching children how to play keyboard by ear for 15 years. Now, anyone can take Bassline Pro’s keyboard lessons from home! (No carpool required!). 

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The first week of keyboard lessons are free!

During the months of March, April, and May, sales of musical instruments skyrocketed; my own family contributed to the surge. I remember one day, my husband, on a business call, told a customer, “One child is playing guitar, one got a ukulele, one is on the piano, and another got a flute.”

“My condolences,” his customer responded. 

It may have been funny but the truth is, for some children, music is the best hobby there is. After they’d finish their phone or Zoom classes, instead of telling me, “I’m borrrreeeed,” the boys would sit and practice songs together. It was such a productive, positive use of time. I saw that they learned perseverance; I was so impressed by those who had the determination to sit and practice chords until they got it right. And though not all kids stuck with their instruments (especially the one who wanted to be unique and learn the flute), those that did have an interest and skill they will keep for perhaps a lifetime. Once they got the hang of the basics and wanted more in depth lessons, though, I didn’t know where to turn next. 

One of the main challenges I encountered was that there were no kosher ways for them to learn an instrument remotely. All those instrument apps aren’t self contained–most of them connect to YouTube. And even if they didn’t, our children want to learn to play the Jewish songs they love! 

Now, for the first time, it’s possible! Bassline Pro’s online video lessons are now available! Shmuel Bassman, one of the top keyboardists in the Jewish music world, has been teaching boys to learn to play keyboard by ear for 15 years. Many are even playing professionally. And even for those for whom music is just a hobby, the experience has been life transformative. Talk to any mother of a Bassline Pro student–they’ll tell you that the confidence their child gained from his newfound ability has poured over to positively impact all areas of his life. 

“I love teaching music … and have gotten requests over the years from people who live out of town. I didn’t, though, have an option for them. Now, I’m excited to tell everyone that my keyboard lessons are available online!” Shmuel Bassman tells us.

And it’s not just for boys anymore. Girls can learn to play keyboard, and even men and women can learn. The system is clear, proven, and professional, and the videos are tried and tested–people around the world have already learned to play taking the online lessons. For a parent, it’s the best of both worlds–your child gets professional instruction, it’s affordable, and (best part), there’s no carpooling required. 

Like with his in-person lessons, Shmuel Bassman is dedicated to making sure his students succeed. This is the real stuff. If you or your child is serious about music–they will learn how to play, and play well. There’s actually an advantage of online lessons vs. in-person–the student can go back to the videos and review as often as they want.

“The most gratifying thing for me is seeing a student go from not knowing how to play a thing … to playing beautifully in such a short time. Many move onto the advanced level courses, which are also available.”

“So, how does it work if someone wants to get started?” I ask Shmuel. 

“After the first free week, there’s a small weekly fee as your child continues the lessons … at a fraction of the cost of in-person lessons. You’ll have access to that week’s material for as long as you continue the lessons. Review the lessons as often as you like! There’s no commitment necessary–so there’s no worries if music doesn’t end up clicking with your child. And if your child does love music–in a matter of months or possibly weeks, they’ll be playing songs they love with two hands and the beat,” he says.

When your child begins to learn keyboard, you’ll see. You won’t have to nudge them to get their homework done. Rather, they’ll run to get their homework done early so they can practice their keyboard! 

Forget that flute. I’ll now give my children the opportunity to learn keyboard. Bonus: You can plug headphones into a keyboard so you don’t need to listen to those practice sessions. 

I’m secure and confident that this would be an invaluable skill they’ll enjoy having for years to come. 

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