Watch: Teach Coalition’s Boost-The-Vote Adventure!


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“How do we help people realize how critical voting is to our community?”

That was the question facing Maury Litwack, Executive Director of Teach Coalition, a project of the Orthodox Union focused on government advocacy for nonpublic schools.

Sometimes the solution is just to grab a camera and go.

Maury visited community leaders, rabbis, educators, and parents with a request to speak from the heart on why voting is essential.

Enjoy these (socially distanced) behind-the-scenes encounters.

Listen to Rabbi Kamenetsky of Yeshiva of South Shore’s amazing story about his father’s dedication to voting. Travel to Brooklyn and talk with Rabbi Fievy Lieberman of Yeshiva Torah Temimah about how voting impacts our daily lives.

Meet Mr. Moishe Bane, President of the OU and Rabbi Menachem Genack of OU Kosher and learn how politicians study voter turnout. End the day in Lakewood with Rabbi Aaron Kotler’s insight on why voting is the best way to have our voices heard.

“The message is simple,” said Maury. “We tend to kvetch about the issues facing our community, whether it’s funding for education, or getting politicians to listen to our needs. It’s time to stop kvetching and start solving! And that begins with voting.”

Teach Coalition is a grassroots movement of civically involved community members who are producing results like over one billion dollars in increased funding for our yeshivas and day schools.

“People sometimes wonder if voting is important if they don’t live in a swing state,” Maury explained. “The answer is, yes! Politicians study turnout in every election. Just the act of a community voting in large numbers will make a profound impact, regardless of where you live, or even who you vote for.”

“Everyone who is registered should vote in this election, and if you’re not yet registered, get registered for upcoming local elections.

Remind your friends and family. If we vote, we have a voice in government and politicians take us seriously, if not, we don’t.”

Voting this year is more complex due to Covid.

If you have questions about how to use your mail-in ballot, how to find a voting center, what to do if you lost your ballot, how to register for the next election, or any other practical voting issues feel free to reach out to Teach Coalition.

Teach does not advise on who to vote for, but we are happy to help you through the voting process.

Call for voting questions/info or visit our website.


New York: (908) 989-0364

New Jersey: (201) 937-8442

Pennsylvania: (717) 798-6076

Florida:(914) 498-3388