Urgent Help Needed For A Young Single Mother In Heartbreaking Condition!

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When Malky, a hardworking single mother and sole provider for her children, was in a terrible car accident, her family’s life as they knew it fell apart.

Malky was hit by a car this Chol Hamoed in Lakewood, and sustained terrible injuries that left her bedridden and helpless.

According to her doctors, she is now facing months of bed-rest in an effort to heal her shattered bones and regain mobility. How can a mother rest and regain her strength when she has to take care of her family?

With the pressures of recovering quickly for her children, running a home, and managing finances, this strenuous burden is too much to bear. While Malky fights for her life to regain some normality, her extended family is trying to raise funds for medical bills, food, utilities and all the other expenses that have accrued.

They are begging all of Klal Yisroel to shoulder some of the burden and help this family in their dire need.

Please know that all donations are sorely needed and will be greatly appreciated.

Endorsed by HaRav Yeruchim Olshin, shlit”a

Checks Payable to: Cong. Gemach Bnei Pinchos, 621 Dahill Rd. Brooklyn, NY 11218. (501c-3) 113066239

Important to note on check: “Malky’s Recovery Fund”.