Q & A Webinar on Sunday November 22, About the Upcoming Certified Coach Training Program!

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We are all leaders.

We lead our families. We lead our classrooms. We lead our organizations. Indeed, we even lead ourselves!

And we ask: Am I on the right path? Am I leading consciously, from the depth of my soul to be the very best I can be?

This unique course addresses the core question: how do I shine a light on the complexities that go on in my brain?

How do I access my values, strengths, and beliefs?

And, how do I help others uncover their creativity and resourcefulness? 

This course will give you the skills and tools to do just that.

On Sunday, November 22, at 8:00 PM the Center for Coaching and Leadership Training will be hosting a webinar to answer and clarify all your questions about the Certified Coach Training course starting on December 6. Among the issues that will be addressed are:

What types of coaches are there?
What types of coaching will I learn in the CCTP?Will I get certified from the Center for Coaching?Will I get certified from the ICF?How much time do I REALLY need to invest?How will coaching help me as a rebbi, morah, or menahel?How can coaching skills help me in my business?What is Quality Transformative Learning?Is coaching truly viable as a parnassah?What’s the difference between this course and other courses?How will the course pay for itself?How can I get coaching clients?

You will also be treated to a short presentation on Intuitive Listening skills, one of the foundations of a coaching session.

Click here to register for the webinar.

Click here to find out more about the Certified Coach Training Course.

This past Sunday CFC hosted a webinar discussing the definition of coaching along with a unique framework for a coaching session. Click here to access the recording and gain valuable insights!

For more information email [email protected] or call directly at 732-534-5962.

I look forward to greeting you virtually or personally!

Rabbi Shalom Storch

Professional Certified Coach

President, CFCALT

Rabbi Shalom Storch at the siyum of a three-week teacher training seminar in Olney, Maryland.