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The Most Unique Chinese Auction You Have Ever Seen!

Have you ever known the thrill of singing alongside your favorite singer? 

Have you ever had a boost in business after implementing a plan from an expert consultant? 

Have you ever felt the tranquility that descends upon a professionally reorganized home?

Your magic ticket to all these and more is just a click away. 

Be’er Hagolah has kicked off a mind-blowingly exciting 6-day Chinese auction filled with prizes you have never before seen. 

Thursday night, December 10, will be a night of firsts!

On the first night of Chanukah 2020, 54 lucky ticket holders all over the Jewish world will be winning not toys, not things, but valuable experiences that are as unusual as they are meaningful. 

Browse the first-time-ever auction of ultimate experiences. 

Win irresistible commodities such as the personalized mega music concert with superstar performers  Ohad, Ishay Ribo, Benny Friedman, Joey Newcomb, or Nachas. 

Dream of rejuvenation with family access to hours of private swimming in an outdoor heated pool. 

Get ready to be pampered or to pamper others with a full day of gourmet meals delivered to your specifications. 

Feel empowered with nutrition consultation or personal training to kickstart healthier habits. 

Gain confidence with shidduch or relationship counseling for adults, and swimming or basketball lessons for boys or girls. 

Winners will not fill their homes with stuff, but rather fill their lives with invaluable experiences. Most importantly, however, every ticket holder will walk away knowing that in the heat of the excitement, they gave a lifetime of experiences to young disadvantaged children who would never have otherwise tasted the sweetness of the Torah we all love. 

The world at large and Kal Yisroel, in particular, is still experiencing pandemic aftershocks. With extended Yeshiva and school closures, we’ve recently learned first hand how vital a strong Torah education is in the lives of our youth.   

Many of us are working hard to re-motivate youngsters who went for months on end without the anchor of animated learning and vibrant davening.  Parents and teachers wonder, “How will this affect my child’s future?”

Now more than ever we recognize the need for Be’er Hagolah who provides a robust chinuch to 450+ children. Most are children of immigrants who would otherwise be denied a Jewish education in the free public school system their parents can afford. 

Be’er Hagolah remains unshakably committed to its founding core policy: no child is turned away because of financial reasons- ever.

Most heimishe schools are financially assisted by caring parents and grandparents who appreciate the goal of transmitting our mesorah to the next generation. This school serves Klal Yisroel’s children; many who continue their learning in major yeshivos or seminaries and establish Torah homes of their own.

Will the Jewish community take pride in their accomplishments? Will we ensure the school’s continuity? 

Fundraising and community support is what allows this precious institution to continue its holy work.

There is no question that life’s experiences shape our future.  End off this challenging year with a positive spin and win.

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