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Chanukah Gelt—Get the Best Deals during Machon Yerushalayim’s Torah Book Month

A Torah Sefer, a Halachic or Commentary Series, a luxury edition or basic sefer—all these are great ideas for  Chanukah, a time in which we increase the light of Torah. The special prices at the Fair make it possible. Enjoy both the sefarim and the fact that your money is worth so much more. 

Tough decisions: what to get for the kids, for the yeshiva bochrim, for the chassan and kalla or for your parents or in-laws. Find everything you need under one roof now in these pre-Chanukah days and during Chanukah itself at Machon Yerushalayim’s Torah Book Month. One of the book dealers recently commented, “One of the outstanding titles of Machon Yerushalayim is “Otzar Mefarshei Chanukah”. This is an amazing collection that transforms the preparations for Chanukah with regard to the study of the halachas, the actual candle lighting, and the customs of the upcoming days, so that they are clearer, more inspiring and have greater spiritual impact. 

The “Ozar” for Chanukah is part of a monumental, amazing series of treasuries that include the four-volume “Otzar” of Torah commentaries for Breishis and Shmos, the Otzar of commentaries on the Hoshanos, the “Otzar” of commentaries on the Hagadda of Pesach and the most recent  to appear, the “Otzar” on Megillas Esther, Avraham Schonberger Edition, all of which follow the path of the well-known series of Machon Yerushalayim—the “Otzar Mefarshei HaTalmud”.

“This quality collection consists of a wealth of sources, commentaries, and thought from all generations about the actual experience of the Days of Chanukah, including all of its customs and halachas, making this sefer ‘the right thing at the right time’. “

Aside from the “Otzar” for Chanukah you can, of course, choose from any of the many Machon Yerushalayim titles to get yourself or someone else a gift as “Chanukah Gelt”, whatever their age. During the days of the Fair, you’ll find many new, amazing titles for the entire family at surprisingly low prices.

These books range from the well-known basic seforim of the Machon, such as the Shulchan Aruch Friedman Edition, Minchas Chinuch and Tshuvos HaRishonim to the hundreds of sefarim that enhance the libraries of every Beis Medrash and Torah home, such as Beshulei HaMincha on the Minchas Chinuch, Mishna Brura—Or HaMizrach, Shoel Umeshiv, the recently published three-volume commentary of the Ramban on the Tora, and others. There are also the seforim of our sages, the Rishonim and the Acharonim, sefarim of the Gaonim of Lita and Galicia, of Poland and Hungary and of Chachmei Ashkenaz and Sephardic lands throughout the generations.  In addition, there are the seforim on the Shas, Responsa, seforim on Jewish law and customs, and sefarim on the Torah.

At the  Machon it’s clear that “The basic seforim and the titles of the new editions make it possible to find an appropriate sefer for any age”.  

 “The ‘Torah Book Month’, now in full swing, offers a great one-time opportunity to make the most of the traditional Chanukah Gelt.”

For more information, please contact Machon Yerushalayim at 718-977-5315 or

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