Frum man in Critical Condition After Accident, Wife Just Had a Baby!

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Yonatan is a husband, father, hard worker, and a devoted ben Torah. One day, as he was on the bus to work, the bus crashed, and he was in a massive accident. The ambulance arrived and he was immediately taken to the hospital.

He was in critical, but stable condition, and suffered long term injuries.

Baruch Hashem, his wife just gave birth to a baby boy!

The tiny amount of money that Yonatan had in his savings account was spent instantly on urgent expenses.

He does not have money now and must pay for hospital bills, food, clothing, shelter and for the new baby’s needs.


Please help a family who needs your support to overcome difficulties that many of us never had.

It is a big zechus and a great act of chesed.

You are supporting a righteous family who just began a new life with tremendous suffering and worry. Please do your part and contribute generously.

Yonatan, along with his wife, will daven for all who donate and submit their names and requests.

May you only hear of good things.

Thank you.