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Outsourcing Your HR – The Secret to the Your Company’s Success

Do you want to know a secret that a select few business owners are beginning to discover? 

In fact, many didn’t know that such a thing existed – until now.

You see, most business owners know that their people are their greatest resource. That is why human resources, known simply as “HR,” is so vital. Human resources is the management and development of employees, with an ultimate goal of increasing employee performance.

Traditionally, HR was focused on hiring, terminating, and the old-school annual performance review. But today, HR is so much more than that. It has an impact on developing positive business culture and improving employee engagement and productivity. 

Many entrepreneurs and business owners get their businesses off to a flying start, but then they struggle with people management as their operation begins to flourish. Managing staff takes time and requires specific skills. HR is an area of expertise many business owners lack.

But what do you do when your business is not large enough for a full-time HR director? 

Your answer is Barry Ackerman and Supportive HR. Supportive HR is everything you want in human resources. With a decade of experience, Barry has been guiding companies through the complexities of HR.

“I have Barry’s number on speed dial,” says one client. “Business owners like myself need someone they can count on. There are so many questions that come up while trying to take care of your staff in the best way. I thank Barry for helping me navigate the HR side of my company.”

“Barry helps his clients gain true peace of mind by creating clear processes in the workplace and helping to navigate all kinds of HR situations,” says another client. “His supportive, kind, and proactive personality make him a pleasure to work with. He sincerely cares about his clients’ businesses — and that shows through the quality of his work.”

Outsourcing your HR sounds innovative, but it makes so much sense. It allows you to focus your attention on what really matters – growing your business. Putting your trust in an expert helps you minimize exposure to legal risks associated with employment law and HR practices.

And when your team feels that you are respecting their needs, they’ll be motivated to give back and work harder than ever.

“Outsourcing to an HR expert gives you total peace of mind, knowing that your company will be in compliance with all applicable HR regulations,” says Barry. “We are up to date on the newest developments, and stay on top of any changes in regulations and best practices that can affect your business.”

Supportive HR provides: 

• Comprehensive handbooks that include workplace policies that are compliant with all relevant laws, clear policies regarding time off, and other important topics.

• The setup and maintenance of employee files, including new hire paperwork, required forms and ongoing documentation.

• Guidance to ensure appropriate pay practices and that worker classification regulations are met.

• Job descriptions that provide clarity for each role in the company, highlighting the essential responsibilities of each position.

• Performance management guidance to create goals and facilitate performance reviews to promote open communication and increased productivity.

• High-impact, interactive, business workshops and training for you and your employees.

• Peace of mind for employers through the challenging situations that often occur when terminating an employee.

With on-call support, business owners can sleep better at night knowing that expert help is just a phone call away, eliminating headaches via thoughtful navigation of sticky employee situations.

“Today,” says Barry, “we help businesses in a variety of areas, from hiring their first employee to firing their 700th employee and everything in between. This includes compliance, performance management, and the varied scenarios that arise along the way. Many of the companies that have worked with us have saved millions of dollars in lawsuits by ensuring compliance, they have a much more streamlined process for employee onboarding, and now have a much easier time communicating with employees.” 

Supportive HR has also had a hand in facilitating $6M+ of revenue for companies by ensuring the hiring and leading of appropriate talent for key positions and crafting enticing incentive packages.

The value of HR in business isn’t always immediately apparent. With just a few employees, business owners may feel like they have their finger on the pulse when it comes to the people they hire and lead. But as a business grows, owners often find that they lack the time and expertise to deal with day-to-day people management and the focus on people can easily get lost. 

With Supportive HR, you’ll see how your people, your business culture and your bottom-line success go hand-in-hand.

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