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From Pain to Promise: An 18 Year Journey of Hope. BINA Virtual Gala this Sunday

A brain injury can happen to any person of any age at any time. Brain injuries resulting from car accidents, falls, strokes, aneurysms and other neurological conditions can affect every function…the ripple effects on every member of the family are enormous and life-altering. 

BINA Stroke and Brain Injury Assistance is there every day for stroke and brain injury survivors of all ages and their families, providing critical guidance and expertise at each stage of the complex rehabilitation process. Thousands of children, adults and seniors who have nowhere else to turn in the aftermath of a devastating brain injury have benefited from BINA’s lifesaving assistance. 

This year presented an unprecedented challenge with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Countless patients in need of ventilator weaning facilities and many suffering from neurological deficits as a result of the virus turned to BINA for help. BINA’s staff was heavily involved in a range of referrals and collaborated with other organizations to achieve the best possible outcome for every patient. 

In the words of the spouse of a stroke survivor, “Since my husband had his stroke, BINA has been with us every step of the way, guiding us through the complex rehab system and doing everything possible to ease this overwhelming journey.” The parent of a young traumatic brain injury survivor attests, “Most people do not understand brain injury unless someone close to them is affected. It is only thanks to BINA’s unbelievably caring and expert approach that we stand where we are today.” 

BINA’s Virtual Gala, chaired by Mr. Avi Schron, will take place this Sunday, January 24 at 7:00 p.m. The BINA Founders Award will be presented to Aharon and Chavie Glustein in recognition of the 18-year anniversary since they founded BINA. Dr. Cirelle Rosenblatt of Vancouver, a neuropsychologist with an expertise in concussion and member of BINA’s Medical Advisory Board, will receive the Brain Injury Leadership Award. The Excellence in Rehabilitation Award will be given to Mordechai Shedrowitzky, a highly regarded physical therapist and owner of Rehabilitation Associates of Brooklyn. 

There is still time to reserve a “seat” at the virtual event and place your journal ad at  Please contact BINA for more information at 718-645-6400 or [email protected].

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