R’ Binyamin Finkel’s Secret For Marrying Children Off Without Waiting

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“When I was 2 years old, my mother was in an accident and fell into a coma. For 13 years, I stood by her side, hoping that one day she would wake up. That one day I might see her smiling face again. But my world shattered when sitting by her side for so long, she died. 

My father had to raise me all on his own. Then, when I was 19 he discovered a tumor in his chest. Too quickly, my Tatty was gone as well. Both my parents are gone and I am all alone in this world. B’’H last month I became engaged to an incredible boy named Eli. But with no parents to help us, we are alone and terrified of how we will get by without family support. 

R’ Elimelech Biderman has heard about our case and has joined other Gedolim in helping us. Without your generosity, we won’t manage on our own. I thank you personally for your kindness. Being there for us, and the other orphans that desperately need help should be a tremendous zechus for you and your loved ones- It should B’’zh bring yeshuos this Adar!”-  Devorah

When Devorah and Eli’s story was brought to R’ Biderman, his heart went out for the couple: All alone in the world, with no parents or family to give them any support. He was immediately joined by other Gedolim who together wrote the following Haskama for Devorah and 35 other orphaned couples who have come before them:

“At a gathering of leaders of our nation to save the 36 orphans who are getting married now, we ask every person to participate with a donation of $360 towards the necessities for building a home. They should be blessed with health, physically and mentally, and they should merit to marry off their own children with abundance, soon and with ease. G-d should fulfill all their wishes for the good, and they should merit to be among those who will greet the Moshiach. 

Rav Boruch Mordechai Ezrachi shlita 

Rav Mordechai Gross shlita 

Rav Sariel Rosenberg shlita 

Rav Avraham Elimelech Biderman shlita

Rav Binyamin Finkel shlita”

This Adar, 36 orphans will either get married and be able to finally have families to call their own–Or they will crumble under the burden. This timeless and rewarding mitzvah is taking on a meaningful urgency this month. The Gedolim request that every person participates in this important campaign. The severity of what is at stake is made clear through the urgent tone of their message: Click here to heed the call of our leaders and have the powerful zechus to attend your own much-awaited simchas Be’ezras Hashem very soon.