Watch: “Please Help Our Mommy And Tatty, We Are Being Thrown Out On The Street”

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Eviction of 17 Jewish Souls Will Be Evicted From Their Home In The Next Month

They are facing foreclosure unless they can pay $125,000 to their bank and they owe $75,000 to various gemachim–they have reached rock bottom.

Every day Rabbi and Rebbetzin A. wake up wondering if this will be the day they get evicted..

My upstairs neighbors are a wonderful Chassidishe family who live simple Yiddishe lives in a 3 bedroom apartment that is way too small.

The 5 youngest kids sleep in the living room, while the 10 older kids squish into a girl’s room and a boy’s room.


They are truly happy to live simple Torah lives and up until this year they have somehow managed to get by…

Until Covid hit.

The father, a true talmid chacham, spends his days learning and translating seforim and working the night shift in a local warehouse.

But since Covid, he lost his night job.

His tzadekes of a wife ran a gan out of their home for years until she was forced to stop when she almost lost her eyesight from the stress!

They made 2 weddings in the past 3 years and the debts are mounting.

At this point they have nowhere else to turn except to ask you, my generous Jewish brothers and sisters to hear their silent desperate pleas to help them to stay in their apartment and get back on their feet.

How can we ignore their plight?

Can we let this beautiful Jewish family, whose heartizige zemiros inspire us all every Shabbos and Yom Tov, to fall through the cracks and have nowhere to live?

They simply have nowhere else to turn

It’s up to us to make sure this family keeps a roof over their head and food on their empty table.

I personally know this family since they were a young couple and the grandmother begged me to do something to help them in this emergency situation.


She herself is suffering from the machalah and the worry over the fate of her children and grandchildren is endangering her life as well.

Consider this pikuach nefesh for all of them, and please give however much you can to help.

Donations are tax deductible and this is the perfect chance to increase your zechuyos with a lifesaving gift to a family in dire straits.

May you be blessed with shefa in parnassah and ruchniyos and good health for you and your families.

Thank you so much for your generosity-I cannot wait to see Mrs. A. with a little lighter step and a bit less weight on her thin shoulders.

All the best,