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Pay It Forward.. Rav Yisrael Landsman’s Widow Speaks

My whole life I wanted to be a Doctor, I went to Touro and was then introduced to Rav Yisrael Landsman. 

 My family has gone through a lot over the years. We lost a brother to SIDS and a 20 year old sister after a 5-year bout with cancer. Only one year later, we lost our father to cancer as well. My mother, a physician’s assistant, has worked tirelessly to try and support her children single-handedly, at times hustling and working as many as 3 jobs, leaving herself only a few hours to sleep on buses as she commutes from job to job. In earlier years, her husband and her were famous for hosting thousands (yes, THOUSANDS) of American yeshiva boys and seminary girls over Shabbat and Chagim, in their Jerusalem apartment.


B”H, with all of the ups and downs, the family has finally had the good news this week of our youngest sister getting engaged! With this great news also comes tremendous responsibility, of helping the new couple begin their new life. As mentioned earlier, we are a family of givers, doers, and lovers of all Klal Yisroel. It pains us to need to ask for help, but our father has passed away and our mother is already up to her neck in just trying to survive. The Chatan is a beautiful person and ba’al midot, who learns in a Sephardic Yeshiva in Beit Shemesh. His entire family suffers from a pre-existing medical condition which inhibits their ability to earn a living, hence there is no assistance possible from either side.

This is an opportunity to fulfill so many mitzvot, including Hachnasat Kallah, helping an orphan, helping a widow, etc. Each one of these mitzvot is a tremendous zechut and carries with it tremendous reward in this world and the next. H-Shem Himself promises that “if you take care of Mine (orphans and widows), then I will take care of yours.


I have attached a video as well of my mother sharing her story as well. I only request that due to the sensitivity of the information that I provided and concern for the embarrassment for the couple and the families, I only ask that you show discretion and not overly publicize the names involved in your involvement. Any requests for the authenticity of our story can easily and gladly be corroborated.

Youtube tag: “Mrs. Chana Landsman”

Thank you for your consideration and wishing you all tremendous Berachot!

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