Today, We are Saluting and Supporting the Mothers of Lakewood

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The Eim B’yisroel.

Who ensures the future of klal yisroel.

The women who are tasked with running a healthy, happy, Torahdik home.

The heroes who tackle a never-ending list of to-dos.


Carpools. Appointments. Supper. Errands. Work. Simchas.

But then comes the precious moment of birth.

Exciting. Delicate. Fragile. Euphoric. Exhausting.

All in one.

And the hero in our story needs a hand to hold.

Someone to help with the daily chores that cannot be ignored.

The kids still come home hungry from school.

Supper. Homework. Tests. Baths. Bedtime.

The grateful new mother opens the door of her home.

And ushers in the new hero.

Eim Leah.

Lunch. Supper. Mother’s Helper. Layette. Cleaning help.

Now she can rest. Care for her newborn. Regain her strength.

And be there again soon for those who rely on her.

Being a hero means knowing your strengths. And your limitations.

Being a hero means accepting help after birth. And resting your body.

Being a hero means saluting postpartum women who take care of themselves.

Being a hero means supporting Eim Leah.

So that we can be there for them.

לע”נ Leah (Bergman) Eisdorfer a”h

Eim Leah has dedicated the

Zichron Boruch Supper Program

לע”נ Boruch Dov Wydra a”h

4 years ago

Eim Leah took action

To be there for Lakewood families after the birth of a child

To provide physical support during this joyous, yet hectic time.


Eim Leah has assisted over 3,000 Lakewood families

Rebbeim, Kollel Yungerleit, Moros, Neighbors and friends

Providing Suppers, Lunches, Babysitting, Layette, and Cleaning help- maybe put this in bubbles on the page

When a family welcomes a new child, Eim Leah Delivers!

Please support us HERE.