Renew, Reenergize and Recommit! Your Daf Yomi with Shaul Greenwald’s 20+ Minute Daf

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Being committed to Daf Yomi is tough, but so worth it. Every day, no matter what, you have to sit down and focus on the day’s daf – while forgetting about everything else.

Having the right partner with you makes all the difference. In just a little bit more than 20 minutes, Shaul C. Greenwald learns through the day’s daf at a rapid pace, yet in a surprisingly clear manner.

This shiur is posted daily on the 20 Minute Daf podcast and on WhatsApp, and is growing rapidly in popularity.

The shiur is perfect for a quick chazara, catching up dafim that you missed, or if you are ever short on time.

Make a meaningful kabbalah and join us!

Listen for Quck Chazarah

Use it to prepare the daf

Make up missed dafim

When you are short on time