Video: What is Tu B’Av Together for shidduchim??? (500,000+ Jews & Live Event)

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What is Tu B’Av Together??

In honor of Tu B’Av which this year falls out on Shabbos, on Sunday July 25th @12pm NY TIME, 7pm in Eretz Yisrael), over 500,000+ of Jews across the world will unite in tefillah by reciting eight chapters of Tehillim ל״ב, ל״ח, ע’, פ״ב, קכ״א, קכ״ד, קכ״ז, קכ״ח that all singles merit finding their shidduch. 
There will be a mega livestreamed event featuring Gedolim, Rabbonim and musical performances on Sunday July 25th @12pm NY Time at

Click here to download the Tehillim to be said.

At the same time, a minyan of Talmidei Chachamim, representatives of Yad L’Achim will be davening in Amuka for all those who submit their names for tefillah (it’s free to submit names) at the Tu B’Av Together website or by calling Yad L’Achim at 1-866-923-5224

When Rav Chaim Kanievsky was told of the many who got engaged after last year’s Tu B’Av Together, Rav Chaim said “So too this year [May those who participate in Tu B’Av Together merit finding their shidduch]

In fact, all names submitted at will also be given to Rav Chaim for a bracha – CLICK HERE

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Prayers can be for shidduchim and all personal requests, CLICK HERE 

Please forward this email or CLICK HERE to share via WhatsApp

CLICK HERE to submit your names now or call Yad L’Achim at 1-866-923-5224

As Chazal said (Bava Kama 92b) ‘Whoever davens for their friend and they are in need of the same request, they get answered first.’ 

Join and let’s daven together on Tu B’Av Together!