Nervous before Yom Kippur? read this important and calming message

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Yom Kippur is only a few hours away. 

This year, especially with Covid-19 and the uncertainty of life, it is very normal to be nervous right before Yom Kippur. We want to live. We want Hashem to allow us to live this year. In essence, we are asking Hashem “Please, give us life!”
Chazal teach us that Hashem operates midah k’neged middah – if we want something from Hashem, then we should do something that merits that request. 

Did you know what the Rambam, Shulchan Aruch and Mishna Berura write is the #1 priority for giving tzedaka? It’s Pidyon Shvuyim – redeeming of captives. Because saving a life is the first priority. 

Yad L’Achim helps rescue Jewish women and children that are trapped in Arab Villages and their lives are in danger. Help us save lives by clicking HERE.
And think about this: If we want Hashem to grant us life, wouldn’t it make sense to save a Jewish life before Yom Kippur? Then we can say to Hashem “I have saved your children Hashem, please save mine. ” Help Yad L’Achim save lives. Thank you so much.

Wishing you a Gmar Chasima Tova, 

Nesanel Gantz – Director Yad L’Achim Brooklyn

ps. You can still Perform Pidyon Kaparos online

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