Mother Of 5 Passed Away At Only 30 Years Old

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Two tiny hands grasp the handles of a board which holds a body, shrouded in tallis. A pink button-up shirt, fluffy straight blonde peyos, and a pair of blue, confused eyes. This was what the crowd saw when they looked at 4-year-old Avraham Eisenbach last week, at the levaya of his mother Hinda. Hinda Eisenbach passed away at only 30 years old after an excruciating battle with cancer.


What began as liver cancer spread to the rest of her body, as the young mother-of-5 did everything she could to become well again. The family tried everything: Painful treatments and medications, several rounds of chemotherapy, and even expensive imported pills, far beyond their budget.


For a year and a half, Hinda didn’t see her 5 children in person, including the baby who was four months old when she was hospitalized. Her husband Chaim remained by her side, moving back and forth between the adjoined rooms of his wife, and his father who had tragically also recently been diagnosed with advanced cancer. When Hinda video-called her children recently, her appearance had been so deformed by her illness, they literally did not recognize her. Her suffering was beyond description.


Hinda left this world on shabbos, leaving behind a devastated husband five and very confused young children. The family has started a Chesed Fund page to help the Eisenbach kids regain some semblance of normalcy in their lives. At this time, financial help is badly needed.