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It’s Time To Elevate & Celebrate!

Yeshiva Toras Chaim’s Elevate & Celebrate Event 2021, an evening of extraordinary entertainment and inspiration, will take place on Wednesday, November 17th.

This yearly celebration will follow the Online Elevate Campaign on Sunday, November 14th. Yeshiva faculty, alumni and friends will pay tribute to those devoted individuals who sustain and promote Jewish education in Denver, and commemorate Yeshiva’s glorious past and ongoing prominence as a beacon of learning in the Mile High City.

This year’s honorees are YTC’s 50th year first graduating class, highlighting their achievements as Yeshiva’s very first Torah Legacy Ambassadors, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Balaban, Parents of the Year, and Rabbi and Mrs. Danny Wolfe, Community Leadership Awardees.

An accurate measure of an institution’s success is best observed in retrospect. A half-century ago, Yeshiva’s first graduating class pioneered as ambassadors of Yeshiva’s mission. Thanks to the incredible chinuch provided by the Rebbeim, the Yeshiva’s talmidim went on to become known as venerated teachers, lay-leaders and activists in their respective communities around the world. Each and every talmid has gone on to perpetuate the Yeshiva’s legacy in multiple cities, devoting their lives to the ideals of service of Hashem and bettering Jewish communities across the globe. Each YTC Jubilee Graduate is a testament to the efforts of, and source of great pride for, Deans and Rebbeim at Yeshiva. 

“YTC’s deep roots in the community extend well beyond running a boys high school,” said honoree Bob Balaban.  “Their many repeated investments of people, time, and money have made the organization a prominent builder of Denver’s Jewish community across the spectrum of Jewish observance and geography.”

“The Yeshiva is a cornerstone of the Denver Jewish Community,” shared Parent of the Year, Rabbi Danny Wolfe. “The boys who learn there are of the highest quality, and they are clearly shaped by the incredible YTC leadership and Rebbeim.” 

The Shmuli Silverberg Memorial Tribute will be commemorated in honor of a beloved student, devastatingly torn away from his family, Yeshiva, and friends, in the prime of his joy-filled life. 

Honored Guest Speaker, Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau, Former Chief Rabbi of Israel and Child Holocaust Survivor, will address the audience. Rabbi Lau travels the globe addressing world leaders and dignitaries, delivering messages of hope and resilience, bolstering the knowledge of the eternal strength of the Jewish people.

For more information about the Online Giving Campaign and the Elevate and Celebrate Dinner Event, visit, email [email protected] or call 303.629.8200.

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