Biala Rebbe Gives Rare Brocha For Marrying Off Kids With Ease

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“When I was 2 year old, we waited until past midnight for my father to come home from shul on Rosh Hashona night. Finally, there was finally a knock on the door…But it wasn’t him–It was the police. They told us the horrifying news that my father was killed in a car crash on the way to shul. I don’t remember my father at all, but I’ve felt the loss of his presence my whole life. Now, I am twenty and B’’H my wedding is just 3 weeks away. I wish my father could walk me down the aisle. I wish he could be around to help my mother who can’t afford anything I need for my wedding on her small income.”- Sheiny B.*

When Sheiny’s story made its way to The Biale Rebbe, The Erlau Rebbe and Rav Feinstein, their hearts immediately went out for this girl who lost her father at such a tragic young age. Together, they formed a Bais Din and wrote the following powerful haskama on behalf of Sheiny and many other impoverished orphaned kallahs in Eretz Yisroel who are truly struggling to get married this month: (Original below)

“The stories of 48 orphaned brides and grooms have been brought to us, after years of hardship they are now getting married, but they don’t have the necessary financial means. Therefore we call upon every person to participate in this exalted mitzvah of marrying off orphans. Especially as with one act one merits to marry off many orphans, there is no end to the merit of all those who participate and support them. It will protect them and help them with whatever they need.

We as a Beis Din proclaim that all those who donate to help the 48 orphans will merit children, life and sustenance. They will marry off their own children with ease, with health, nachas and great simcha. They should be saved from all hardship and disease. They and all their family should have long lives and an abundance of parnassah, easily.

The Biale Rebbe

Rav Chaim Feinstein

The Erlau Rebbe”

The Rabbonim are requesting that donors give extra generously this month and have given a highly sought-after Bracha for those who do so– ”They will marry off their own children with ease.” Not only that, but donors can also submit their Hebrew names here to be davened for by the Beis Din on Erev Rosh Chodesh Adar. Donate here to help Sheiny and 47 other impoverished orphans get married when they have noone else in the world to help them and to receive amazing Brachos to marry off your children with ease, health, nachas, and great simcha!

*Name changed to protect privacy