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Who Would Have Ever Believed It?- By Rabbi Shlomo Bochner

If I would have told you two years ago that we would have 40,000 women davening every week as they stand in front of the flickering candles on Erev Shabbos, offering prayers from the heart for fellow n’shei chayil to have children of their own, while also each contributing $1 to tzedakah every week towards their treatment, you would have told me that I’m dreaming.

​And I was.​​

But it was a dream that we believed in. I, and the rest of the team at Bonei Olam, believed in the unity and care of Klal Yisroel. We truly knew that all of you would respond to the call, and indeed you have.

The result is a colossal kiddush Hashem that brings tears to my eyes every time I think of the thousands upon thousands who have made this initiative the incredible success that it is.

​So I write these words to you to thank you.​

​Thank you for turning the Vzakeini initiative into a worldwide movement that is offering chizuk and hope to so many.

Thank you for your tefillos that have led to 26 remarkable simchos celebrated by these couples, who were zocheh to children in miraculous fashion.​

Thank you for ensuring that those who are waiting are no longer waiting alone.

They are waiting together.

Together with us all.

Together with Klal Yisroel.

​Thanks to you.

When we come together as a rabbim, the power is inestimable, often making the impossible possible.

By now you know that, on average, IVF treatment costs $18K. But there are many couples who require a much steeper bill to finance their treatment. We are talking costs of $30K and $40K, sometimes much higher, for couples with more complex conditions.

​If we increased our membership to 50,000 women, Vzakeini could sponsor these couples as well and they would benefit from the Vzakeini tefilos along with the funds.

In this zechus, may Hakadosh Boruch Hu bless you with brachah and hatzlacha and all you need.


Rabbi Shlomo Bochner

Founder, Executive Director, Bonei Olam

To join Vzakeini in honor of the two-year anniversary CLICK HERE​

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