Shela-He Presents Our Connection. An Evening of Connection for Women and Girls

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Join Women and Girls from communities and neighborhoods all across the globe for an evening of connection.

An AudioVisual presentation coming to your neighborhood in preparation for Kabbalas HaTorah..

Click Here to Sign up and Host this event in your community, neighborhood , school or office.

For a list of showings Click here!

About Shela-He:

Shela-He is a new initiative to connect ladies and girls with Limud HaTorah on a personal level. Each day, you give $1, and Shela-He will send it directly to Talmidei Chachamim that same day. Every 1,000 members enables us to support another chosen family each day. The more partners we have the more Torah learning we can support.

As Shavuos and Kabbalas HaTorah inch closer, connect yourself to Torah, and in the process turn your passion into a genuine connection.

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