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Did Your Company Have W-2 Employees During 2020 Or 2021? Receive A Refund Up To $26,000 Per Employee!

Have you heard of the Employee Retention Credit? It was a credit designed by Congress to help businesses that retained their employees during the Covid-19 pandemic.

If your business experienced even ONE of the following:

1)    A government mandated shutdown

2)    A reduction in revenue

3)    Began after February 15th 2020

You may qualify for this valuable refund.

Why Employee.Credit?

Risk Free Analysis – There is no fee if you are not deemed eligible

ERC Experts – Our attorneys and accountants are solely focused on ERC regulations

Audit Preparation – Each client receives a thorough case study for their credit filing

Clients We have Serviced – Restaurants, Schools, Nursing Homes, Retail Stores, Publicly Traded Companies, Non-Profits and many other industries in all States

Cost Free Analysis – We are currently servicing all companies with more than 5 W-2 employees

Why don’t I just call my accountant to file this for me?

There is a reason you have not had anyone help you file yet…. This credit involves the assistance of business tax credit experts. We employ some of the best attorneys and accountants to ensure your credit is filed properly and efficiently.

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