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WATCH: Rockland County Legislator Aron Wieder Cites Mishnah in Endorsing Hochul’s Reelection Bid

Rockland County Legislator Aron Wieder released a video endorsing incumbent New York Governor Kathy Hochul in Tuesday’s primary, citing a mishna as the basis for his endorsement of the governor.

“The mishna in Avos says… hevei mispalel bishloma shel malchus,” Wieder says in Yiddish, going on to urge his supporters to vote for Hochul in the state’s primaries. “This Tuesday there will be primaries in the entire New York State. Get out and vote to re-elect Governor Kathy Hochul.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. shame on this…..when this kind of nonsense occurs… reminds me that Jews in America are not really prepared to live as Jews in Israel ….I wonder why____

  2. $$$$ That is ALL that matters !!! Forget that Hochul supports everything we oppose as a frum community. Forget her support for the most aggressive abortion laws in the country (Abortion on Demand) forget her support for the gay righs/transgender nonsense; forget her corruption in getting a new stadium in Buffalo from OUR money to line her husbands pockets.

  3. I think he forgot to quote the end of that Mishna in Avos 3:2 which states “for if not for the fear of the government each person would swallow his neighbor alive.”

    To me this describes a Republican administration that is more focused on the safety and security of its citizens rather than a Democratic administration that makes it easy for criminals to get back on to the street the afternoon of the day they are arrested.

    Perhaps this should be an endorsement of the Republican nominees for NY governor.

  4. What’s re-elect? She was never elected governor? Why give in to all her progressive and woke positions? Why hasn’t she tried to stop the interference in our Yeshiva education? Granted we need to have a secular curriculum but we shouldn’t be forced to introduce things against halacha.
    Identify yourself as a Proud Religions Jew and vote for the good of Yiddishkeit

  5. Too bad I already ate breakfast because 🤢🤮. What a disgusting piece of garbage. Does he have ANY yiras shamayim???

  6. I’m not that bright so that is probably why I don’t understand the connection. Could someone please help me understand?

  7. The chillul Hashem by these so-called Chassidim continues. How a chassidishe Yid or Rebbe can publicly endorse a person who the Torah Hakadosha calls toaiva is beyond me. The murder of babies and mishgav zachor means absolutely NOTHING to these rekel wearers. And then these heiligeh Yidden turn around and call a Litvishe person who eats Haagen Daz when he’s stuck on the road in middle of yihupitz, a shaigitz. Everything opposites. Pheh.

  8. if people in NYS still want any form of peace and civility, they will do whatever it takes to vote out this current sodomite government.

  9. In the deepest sense, the Mishna is saying that even a bad government is better than no government.

    However, that does not mean you should not try to replace the government when you have the option to.

  10. Hochul is also a blind supporter of the c19 shot tyranny. She’s done nothing for vaccine choice and freedom, and pushed the mask mandate as well. Meanwhile, the children’s vaccine exemption is still under a repeal, forcing anyone who doesn’t believe in corrupt vaccine theory – and practice, to home school. Shame on her and her antics.

  11. What a disgrace, corruption, he twists and uses the holy Mishnah to support his political agenda. He is מגלה פנים בתורה שלא כהלכה, one of the most serious aveiros, by deliberately misinterpreting the mishnah. Shame on you Aaron Benzion Wieder. Where did you learn such a fake, distorted pshat? In the Belzer cheider (he is a Belzer as I recall)?

    Do teshuvah, repent quickly before you fall deeper and deeper into the world of sheker, ח”ו.

  12. It seems the point that he is making is that she really is TERRIBLE and the only reason he is saying to vote for her is cuz she will win anyway. At least that is the implictaion when quoting a mishnah that says that you should daven EVEN for a BAD government cuz no goverment is even worse , it clearly implies that he means that he is saying that she is really BAD

  13. This is the most shameful thing I’ve seen all day. Using torah to endorse someone who does not represent torah values. He should be ashamed and his constituents should impeach him out.

  14. I agree wholeheartedly with 147
    Although I might not be politically astute as Mr. Wieder and he might be right in endorsing the current governor, please don’t make a mockery of our Heilger Mishnah. That Mishnah calls for, if anyone/anything, a Strong anti crime conservative candidate.

  15. Rabbi Wieder please do your job and let the voters decide who they want for the next Governor…
    Whatever you will say your voters have hundreds of different opinions and they will challenge you in every sentence you say. So best just do Good for the community and we will reelect you again and again..

  16. disclaimer:this comment is for humor purposes only, and not intended as a slight to anyone!
    And now for the grand finale “mitzvah tantz”… now i understand p’shat in “Tamidei Chachamim marbim “SHALOM” baolam”! v’hamaivin yavin!😂

  17. no comment on Rockland County which is a Buffett of fools, too many groups with all different views, all left of centre…if they are not in Israel then sorry guys……your count doesn’t count…..

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