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Two Brand New ArtScroll Books to Enhance Your Shabbos!

ArtScroll has just released two brand new volumes that will enhance your Shabbos in a most inspiring way.

The first is Zera Shimshon – Eishes Chayil, containing the original insights of Zera Shimshon and the amazing stories of Rabbi Nachman Seltzer.

More than 25,000 readers enriched their lives with Rabbi Seltzer’s Zera Shimshon series. The Zera Shimshon phenomenon continues with this extraordinary new volume, Rav Shimshon Chaim Nachmani’s commentary on Eishes Chayil. Zera Shimshon’s unusual commentary gives us a new and unique understanding of the magnificent words of Eishes Chayil – and of the greatness of Jewish women throughout the ages.

When ArtScroll first released the Zera Shimshon back in 2017, it soon became clear that there was something about the Zera Shimshon’s commentary that spoke to people’s neshamos. When Rabbi Seltzer learned that the Zera Shimshon had written a peirush on Eishes Chayil, he was intrigued and decided that it deserved its own sefer, combining the uniqueness of the Zera Shimshon with the beauty of the much beloved words that so many people sing as we usher in the Shabbos

The sefer includes fascinating stories about the famed segulah of the Zera Shimshon, who promised great blessings to those who learn his works. One of the many stories in the book tells about a family trying to find their son a shidduch for five years. Then they heard about the segulah of Zera Shimshon, and Rabbi Seltzer’s book, which included vertlach from the sefer as well as stories. The family began learning from it every Shabbos as a zechus for their son to find a shidduch. Their son got engaged about nine months later. This family realized that their son had gotten engaged after exactly forty weeks of learning the sefer – forty Shabbosos.   

The book also features “The Bais Yaakov Treasury,” pieces of Zera Shimshon’s Torah that are focused on the greatness of the Jewish woman.

The second brand new ArtScroll book that will enhance your Shabbos – with its blessings and its peace and its delights and its beauty – is Exalted Moments, by Rabbi Yisroel Besser, author of Nishmas and other bestselling volumes.  

Erev Shabbos is a time of rushing to get everything done, but when Yisroel Besser describes the frenetic activity, Erev Shabbos becomes not a tension-filled, stressful race against time, but an enthusiastic and joyous preparation for the incomparable delights of Shabbos.

And then we welcome our Queen, with flickering candles and uplifting song. Here, again, as we enter a new and holy dimension, Exalted Moments enriches our experience, bringing our tefillos and bakashos to life.

Exalted Moments shows us how to experience those special first moments of Shabbos. It includes stories, ideas and insights on Erev Shabbos preparations, candle lighting, Shalom Aleichem, Eishes Chayil and Kiddush.

Open this book and learn to savor those first wondrous moments, as the sun gently drifts downward and we begin to experience the energy, hope and sheer holiness of Shabbos.

With these two incredible new selections from ArtScroll, Zera Shimshon–Eishes Chayil and Exalted Moments, your Shabbos will never be the same!

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