Giving Tzedaka on Tisha B’Av

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This is an urgent campaign to save a G-d fearing giyoret and her family from complete collapse. A mother of four young children has lost all her ability to function while suffering from a rare illness that requires constant medical attention. Her husband has worked himself thin to care for her and the children, and no longer has the strength to do it alone. DONATE NOW!

Local Rabbonim have stepped in and instructed the family to hire a responsible and professional woman to take care of all household duties. In addition to increasing medical expenses, the estimated cost of in home care is $30,000.

As Torah observant Jews, we strive to live a life radiating kedushah and chesed. This is a unique opportunity to fulfill two mandatory mitzvahs: Ahavas Yisroel (ואהבת לרעך כמוך), and Ahavas HaGer (ואהבתם את הגר). In this way we can emulate Hashem, who loves the Ger, and partner with Him in this love and support through the great mitzvah of tzadakah. 

During the month of Av, we must increase our Ahavas Yisroel and Ahavas HaGer, and in doing so, Hashem should bless you and your family with peace, good health, and nachas.