Eli Nash Is Fighting His Addiction – Here’s His Story

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Eli Nash is a successful CEO, experienced entrepreneur, and passionate community activist….he is also a recovering porn addict. 

And if that didn’t catch your attention get this, he is willing to speak openly about his struggles. 

He debuted on the TED Talk stage with his 19 minute lecture titled “Escaping Porn Addiction,” gaining over 4 million views to date. 

His reach is worldwide but his main focus is on his own people, the Orthodox Jewish community. He appeared in August on Living Lchaim’s That’s An Issue podcast, a platform seeking to raise awareness of mental health issues in the frum community with the goal of prevention & proper treatment. 

Eli shares his story, as well as strategies he personally uses to overcome the pain, shame, & loneliness that led him down the path of addiction. 

His message is strong and persuasive: address these topics openly and you’ll help others, leave it in the dark and the cycle of shame will continue to bring people down.

You can watch all of the That’s An Issue podcast episodes on LivingLchaim.com.