Update: Parents and Yeshivah of terror victim, Habochur Aryeh Schupak HY’D make request from Klal Yisroel

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Grief. One word. Many meanings.

It means bereavement. It means anguish. It means pain.

And yet, all those terms are understatements of what Aryeh’s Schupak’s family is going through now. 

The devastation of losing a child who left for yeshiva and will never come back home is not something that can be imagined. The piercing sound of parents crying over their son, who they will never see again is not something that words can articulate.

Unfortunately, we can’t bring Aryeh back, but we can make sure that the sweet 16-year-old who was killed Al Kiddush Hashem will be constantly remembered, and by doing that, we can give a drop of Nechama to his family and friends who are desperately seeking it at the moment. 

Aryehs Yeshiva, Yeshivas Harei Yehuda, want to fundraise for two things at the moment.

The two foundations of any yeshiva. 

The Torah and the bachurim. 

Yeshivas Harei Yehuda, invite you to take part in writing a Sefer Torah lelui neshmas Aryeh.

A Sefer Torah that will be used often and will cherish Arye’s memory and continue his derech. The derech he chose for himself as a yeshiva bachur who took his learning seriously and was killed Al Kiddush Hashem on the way to learn Torah.

Unfortunately, Aryeh’s friends are suffering immensely from the sudden loss of their dear friend and need therapy. 

The yeshiva needs to provide therapy for their teenage students but doesn’t have the funds to do so, and the bachurim will not be able to “move on,” so to speak, without the therapy they desperately require.

IT’S WHAT ARYEH WOULD HAVE WANTED Please, donate generously

Please take part in donating to this essential cause so that together we can use this challenging, insane time to increase and glorify the most important of all. The Torah.

לעלוי נשמת אריה בן משה

IT’S WHAT ARYEH WOULD HAVE WANTED Please, donate generously

IT’S WHAT ARYEH WOULD HAVE WANTED Please, donate generously