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Heartbreaking Tragedy: A Mother of 4 Small Children, Starved to Death

80 years after the Holocaust: a mother of small children died of starvation • Mrs. Rivka Shoshana A”H, 40, mother of 4 small children from the north, died after suffering from malnutrition due to abject poverty • Now they are left at home, their old grandmother who does not speak Hebrew, and the children who are left without a father And if • poverty, neglect, stench and terrible deprivation prevail in the family home • the situation is too terrible to describe in words!

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Prepare yourself for a deeply sorrowful tale that will shake you to your core. In the midst of Israel’s northern region, charity workers have been left stunned by one of the most distressing cases to emerge in recent memory.

At the tender age of 40, Mrs. Rivka Shoshana, a 4 children’s mother met an untimely demise. Her passing was not the result of a sudden illness or a tragic accident; it was due to severe malnourishment.

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This tragic story began twelve years ago when the Shoshana family made the brave decision to immigrate to Israel from the United States. Filled with hope and determination, they settled in a close-knit community up north. As new immigrants, they were embraced by the warmth of their neighbors, who rallied around them during their early days in this unfamiliar land. One particularly generous soul even hosted the Bris Milah, the circumcision ceremony, for their newborn son, extending a helping hand as they embarked on their new life in Israel.

Later, the family began to establish itself, the father worked for a living and the mother was a housewife.

Little did they know that their lives were about to take a devastating turn. One fateful day, without warning or explanation, the father inexplicably abandoned his wife, her elderly mother, and their four children, leaving them utterly forsaken!


Trapped in a spiral of despair, this struggling family suffered in silence. With no father to provide for them, their economic situation deteriorated rapidly, plunging them into a nightmarish existence marked by chronic food shortages. Day after day, they waged a desperate battle just to secure a loaf of bread. The children were forced to queue up at a specialized facility, their young voices pleading for sustenance.

Finally, the facility’s staff took notice of the dire hunger etched upon their frail faces. Moved by compassion, they began providing the children with double portions, allowing them to have something to sustain themselves through the long, agonizing nights.

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For some reason, none of the people around and the neighbors pay attention to the family that is withering and collapsing, Apparently, due to the delicacy and shame, the children did not know how to report the situation in an adequate way, and therefore no one noticed that the mother was ill. She got weaker and weaker, and only when she stopped functioning completely, the older daughter realized it was time to ask for help.

She didn’t know who to turn to… and who to ask for help.

She remembered only the name of the man of grace, the man who hosted the joy of the covenant of her little brother

That’s how the girl walked down the street approaching every person with a religious appearance who came across her and asking for the phone number of the man of kindness. After many unsuccessful attempts, she found one man who did help her and got the phone number.

The rabbi heard the distress in her voice and promised to come to their house and check on the situation.

When he entered the house, his eyes darkened! The strong stench hit his nose, the terrible neglect, the abject poverty, the darkness, and the lack. There is one small office refrigerator in the house, and it was also empty. completely!

He hurried to call an ambulance for the poor mother who was lying in bed exhausted and helpless. But unfortunately, it was already too late. The mother collapsed and despite the attempts and efforts of the doctors that lasted for many days

  While she was hospitalized, she died under shocking circumstances…

Cause of death: malnutrition! Yes, starving!!!

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Finally, their father was located in a closed psychiatric ward due to a mental illness that attacked him, so the children were left alone without their father, and without their mother who, ironically, starved to death!

In the meantime, due to the prevailing neglect in the home, the children and the grandmother are staying at the rabbi’s house, The situation is terrible, and the family needs urgent help.

Please help restore the lives of these orphaned children and give them hope for a better future.

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