Shalom Bayis Kugel


There is a mystique surrounding Shalom Bayis Kugel. Does it actually increase Shalom Bayis? I don’t know but it taste great, looks spectacular, and pleases everyone.

The idea of this kugel is to have three favorites in one bite. In order to accomplish this, each kugel needs to be made separately, baking one kugel at a time until all 3 are stacked. Usually the layer on the bottom is kishke, then yerushalmi and then potato. Assemble how you want according to preference.


Potato Kugel:
8 potatoes
5 eggs
1c boiling water
salt and pepper

Yerushalmi Kugel:
1c oil
2c sugar
6 eggs
2 bags fine lukshen

2 pkgs of kishke

Yerushalmi Kugel:
Cook lukshen according to directions and let cook.
Heat oil and sugar in pot, stirring constantly so it does not burn or get hard. (note: Be very careful because hot sugar can burn very badly and be very painful.)
Simmer and add lukshen. Keep stirring.
Let coll off, then add eggs, salt and pepper.
Pour into pan and bake at 350 for 20 minutes or until the top is hard and will not cave in.

Empty the 2 packages into a bowl. Stir in water and mix until a liquidy consistency. When yerushalmi kugel is ready, pour over it and spread evenly. Bake in oven for 20 minutes or until the top is hard.

Potato Kugel:
Grate potatoes by hand or in processor. Drain the extra water.
Add eggs and mix well.
Pour in boiling water, seasoning to taste and some oil.
Pour over kishke and bake in oven for 2 hours.

Helpful Hint: Change up the order depending on how you like it and which you think is the sturdiest. is recipe sharing community built around a 3,000 recipe and growing database of Kosher Recipes including Shabbos recipes, Pesach recipes, Shavuos recipes. It also has a great selection of Kosher Menus for all occasions including Shabbos Menus, Pesach Menus, Shavuos Menus, Chanuka Menus, Purim Menus and more. Culinary Kosher maintains a database of Kosher restaurants that is constantly being updated. Culinary Kosher also has a wide selection of Jewish greeting cards and invitations for all occasions. Come join us for kosher cooking fun.


  1. A couple once came to the Heiliger Apter Rov zt”l (Ohev Yisroel) and asked to be divorced. The Rov asked them, “Why?”. It was all about when to eat the Kugel(!) (by day). One insisted that it had to be in the middle of the seudeh with the meat, the other demanded that Kugel should be served after Kiddush, before the seudeh. BOTH insisted that this was a MINHAG YISROEL as they received it, and as such they wouldn’t budge.
    The Apter Rov zt”l called in his Rebbetzin and asked her that from that day on, she should bake two (types of) kugels, and serve one of them by Kiddush. The couple were thrilled with the idea, and the Rov zt”l called the new kugel, (coined the phrase) Sholom Bayis Kugel.
    Hopefully if you read this on 10 Teves, all the Yidden will be enjoying a good kugel!