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Flop Cake

We’ve all had these cakes before but not such a terrific solution!
1 flopped cooked cake (stuck to pan or not pretty enough to serve)

2 pints ice cream (pareve is fine) or sorbet

2 cups chocolate chips

1 cup pareve whip

Strawberries for decoration
Line a bundt pan with saran wrap (use a bundt pan that is simple – the new fancier ones do not come out as well).

Divide cake in half and push half of cake into bundt pan on top of saran wrap.  Slighlty soften ice cream and spread it over the cake layer.  It’s okay to look a little rustic and not spread exactly evenly but keep it proportionally accurate.  Top the ice cream with the second half of the cake (Sometimes I use a little more cake on the first layer; it just depends how large the bundt pan is).  Push the cake into the ice cream so that the layers will adhere to each other.  Top with foil and freeze.  After at least one hour take the cake out and put it on a serving tray that you can return to the freezer.  Peel off the saran wrap.  Melt the chocolate and pareve whip over low heat, stirring so the chocolate melts and does not burn.  Cool slightly and then pour decoratively over the ice cream cake.  Refreeze and take out 15 minutes before serving.  Mound strawberries in the middle of the cake and surround decoratively.
Be creative, you can use crushed cookies with the ice cream or a frozen mousse. Your guests will never know that it was meant to be served in any other way.

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