The Aliyah L’Torah Part 5


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Turning one’s Head

One should turn his head away from the sefer while making the beracha.(43) Some say the custom is to turn his head towards the left side.(44) However, since today, the custom is that the one who receives an aliyah stands on the right side and the ba’al koreh on the left, one should turn his head to the right side.(45) Nonetheless, whichever way one turns his head is acceptable.
Kissing the Sefer Torah before the Beracha

Before reciting the beracha on an aliyah some have the custom to kiss the sefer Torah by taking a tallis(46) or the gartel of the sefer Torah and passing it on the klaf of the Torah.(47) Others are concerned that doing so may cause one to erase some of the letters of the Torah.(48) The custom of others is to touch the klaf near the letters, and not to actually touch any letters of the sefer Torah.(49) Many have the custom to kiss the sefer Torah at the end of an aliyah.(50) However, there is no need to kiss the place which was just read.(51)

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