Waiting Between Hard Cheese & Meat


We all know that after eating meat one has to wait six hours. However, what is less known is that there are some cheeses which are on the market that also require one to wait six hours before eating meat. Does it make a difference if the hard cheese is melted? Which cheeses are included in this? Does one have to wait if it is placed in a salad? All these questions and many others will be discussed in this issue.

Introduction – Waiting after Meat

There are three places where the Torah states (1) that one should not cook meat and milk together.(2) Chazal say one posuk is to tell us it is prohibited to cook meat (from a kosher animal) with milk (from a kosher animal).(3) The second posuk is to tell us a prohibition against eating them together,(4) and the third posuk is to tell us that we are not allowed to have enjoyment from milk and meat cooked together.(5) The chachumim made a gezeira that even if the meat and milk are not cooked together, you may not eat milk after eating any type of meat or chicken (6) before waiting six hours. (7)

(1) Shemos 23:19, 34:26, Devarim 14:21, Mesechtas Chullin 115b, Rambam Machulos Asuros 8:15, Chinuch mitzvahs 92 and 113. Refer to the Rabbeinu B’chai Mishpatim page 242, and the Rambam Moreh Nevuchim 3:48 for the reason of the prohibition to cook meat and milk together. (2) Mesechtas Chullin 108b, see Shulchan Aruch Y.D. 87:1. (3) Shulchan Aruch 87:1, See Rama 6, Chochmas Adom 40:6. (4) Shulchan Aruch 87:2, Shach 1, see Rama 105:1. (5) Shulchan Aruch 87:1, Chochmas Adom 40:2, Yad Ephraim, Pischei Teshuva 2, Aruch Ha’shulchan 87:6-7. (6) Rambam Machulos Asuros 9:28, see Meiri Chullin 104b, Rosh page 186. (7) Shulchan Aruch 89:1. NEW SEFER HALACHICALLY SPEAKING VOLUME 2 NOW IN SEFARIM STORES!!!!

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