Breakthrough: The Kosher Cook Launches New Line of Shabbos And Yom Tov Kosher Approved Sponges and Brushes!


Washing dishes on Shabbos and Yom Tov can be a major pain – and a halachic risk. Many people choose to avoid the issue completely and leave their dishes until after Shabbos. But with multiple Yomim Tovim and Pesach coming up, this just isn’t possible. More guests, for more days, means dishes absolutely need to be washed in time for the next meal.

But the threat of schita remains real – to the point that some people choose to wash dishes with their bare hands to avoid the risk of chillul Shabbos and Yom Tov.

No more.

The Kosher Cook, the leading provider of kitchen utensils for the Jewish home, has launched a brand-new line of halachically approved sponges for Shabbos and Yom Tov. Approved by the Karlsberg Beis Din from Brooklyn, users can now wash dishes with full peace of mind.


A basic set of sponges (our ‘Shabbos Scouring Pad’) are great for washing regular dishes as well as your counters, and come with The Kosher Cook signature three color park to differentiate between milk, meat and parve.

A set of round tough sponges (our ‘Easy Grip Scouring Ball’) are perfect for tougher stains, and are available both with and without a handle.

Finally, for the toughest stains, a set of copper sponges (our ‘Copper Scrubby’) can come in handy; making them perfect for scouring pots on Yom Tov.

The Kosher Cook has distinguished itself for the discerning Kosher householder, with every one of their products bearing a distinct color and label to help keep utensils in the proper part of the kitchen.

The Kosher Cook even sells heat-resistant labels to label pots appropriately. And recently, they made waves by manufacturing knives that do not need tvila – because they are manufactured in a Jewish factory.

These sponges as well as Approved Brushes are available in every grocery and hardware store in the Tri-state area; get your Kosher Cook sponge today!